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Damon system

Damon braces are not just a new system of braces and wires but a revolutionary way of treating orthodontics patients. Traditional treatments often need to remove natural teeth or to use palatal expanders to create space. This approach is highly uncomfortable, time-consuming and can leave a flat profile and a narrower arch. Damon braces help achieve natural 10-tooth smiles with light forces and have been developed keeping in mind the overall facial result.


Certified Damon braces orthodontists combine three key factors to deliver better results with fewer appointments, less pain and with shorter treatment time.


Traditionally, braces are tied with elastics on the outside, causing friction and pressure which makes the treatment slower as well as more painful. On the other hand, Damon braces use a sliding mechanism to hold the wire in place, allowing teeth to move more freely and comfortably in a shorter span of time.

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The Damon self-ligating braces eliminate the need of metal and plastic ties. The ‘Tie-Less’ braces perform tooth movement without tying down wires.


Shaped memory wires, with lighter force pressures, move teeth faster and need fewer adjustments.

Proven Results

This innovative, clinically proven orthodontics approach aligns teeth while enhancing overall facial aesthetics. Often it eliminates the need for expanders and extractions, using only Damon braces.

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