What Patients Are Saying

Andrea Taylor

Loved having Maxfield Ortho take care of my smile! Dr Blake did a fantastic job and I'm super happy with the end result. All of their staff were great too! Highly recommend them!!

Melissa Kiem

I love them so much. I had a terrible underbite, crossbite and teeth that were all over the place. Now, with my braces off I can't stop smiling. Definitely boosted my confidence and self esteem. Talk to Max and staff for more details. They are all so sweet and such perfectionist. 🙂 12/10

Vanda Scott

Dr Blake and his staff are always pleasant! Your appointments always seem to run on time! My daughter us always excited to see the staff!

Leslie Tyler

We think Blake is awesome! Best orthodontist around!


Dr. Blake Maxfield is a perfectionist, and who doesn't want a perfect smile? I cannot put into words the boost my smile has given to my self confidence! The assistants are friendly, fun, and fast, making every visit enjoyable and quick. I would advise anyone wanting the best orthodontic work to go to Dr. Blake Maxfield.

Clay Ellis

I love my new smile. Dr. Blake Maxfield exceeded my expectations. I started out with a huge under-bite - I couldn't even pull my bottom teeth even with my top teeth let alone get them behind them - and a cross-bite to where I was chewing all my food on only a few teeth. In the two years he said it would take to do what he could all of this was resolved. I think I probably could have had the braces taken off earlier but he kept tweaking my teeth towards perfection. My bite is now normal and my teeth meet all the way across - THANK YOU Dr. Blake!! I highly recommend Maxfield Orthodontics!!!!!

China Bills

Braces is not the most exciting thing for kids. But my teenager loves coming to see Dr. Blake! He's so friendly and personable, that she likes the visits. His staff members are sweet and chatty and make every visit fun. They also are great about not making us wait past our appointment time, which makes scheduling much easier with a hectic family calendar. As the responsible party for the financial piece, I appreciate their clear cut and detailed summary of the charges. They sat down with me and went over everything. The amounts I was billed did not differ. I would definitely recommend this crew to anyone (and, in fact, I have. I referred my boss and his 4 children. They love Dr. Blake too!!).

Not having braces as an adolescent, I went to Dr. Blake Maxfield in my 30s to get the smile I always wanted. Dr. Blake does amazing work! I only have about 3 months left and I’m already getting so many compliments on how beautiful my smile is. I love how much of a perfectionist he is, he has such a positive attitude and keeps me committed to our plan. He always explains what he is doing, why he is doing it and how it will improve my smile. I love the office, it is very clean and organized.I get to watch movies while getting my braces tightened. The staff is so friendly and I feel like they really know their patients. I would highly recommend Dr. Blake to anyone who would like a perfect smile.

I personally think its good to read the reviews to get the raw truth,So trust me when I say” This is your place! If your looking for an excellent orthodontist? look no further-Dr. Blake Maxfield is the best orthodontist ever! Starting from the coolest office,very clean& very kid oriented also the entire staff is very Friendly! As soon as you meet Dr. Blake Maxfield you will feel very secured by his knowledge- I really loved how concerned he was for my sons teeth…. One visit and you’ll be hooked like my Family and I were!” “I can assure you Dr.Blake Maxfield will give you pretty teeth& A Beautiful smile!”

We decided to go to Dr. Blake Maxfield based on a recommendation from our pediatric dentist. I was very impressed after our initial visit. The office is very pleasant and comfortable. Every member of the staff is courteous and goes out of their way to make you feel welcome. Dr. Blake and his staff did an excellent job of making my 9 year old daughter feel at ease and comfortable. It is obvious that Dr. Blake takes a genuine interest in all his patients. Once we left the waiting room we were never left alone, even if it was just one of his staff talking to us about how things worked in the office, or finding out what we did during the summer. Dr. Blake and his staff explained everything that they did and why they were doing it. Dr. Blake’s office has been very accommodating with scheduling, working to make sure we can get both our daughters in together during times that work well for us. Two of my daughters walked out of Dr. Blake’s office with new braces last week. I looked forward to working with Dr. Blake and his staff over the next couple of years.

We are happy with the service we are getting. Zeb enjoys the staff and Dr. N. Maxfield is very good to explain everything that he is doing as he makes changes to Zeb’s orthodontic care.

My orthodontist is Dr. Norm Maxfield and I like him because he does great work, socializes with me, and makes me feel welcome in the office. The assistants also do great work, ask if I need anything and help me, and are very kind. I like the office because it is very neat, they do fun trivias with prizes to win, and they show movies when they work on patients teeth. If anyone is looking for an orthodontist, this is the place to go. Its an excellent office and I can’t wait to get my braces off!


I’ve had crooked lower teeth all my live – so at age 58 I decided to try invisilign – based on my dentist’s recommendation. I wore invisilign for 3 1/2 years and it was a long duration of futility. My teeth looked practically the same as when I first started. My dentist felt so bad about the situation, he referred me to Dr. Blake Maxfield to see if my teeth could be straighted the traditional orthodontic way. Dr. Blake was amazing. He didn’t hesitate to initiatite treatment and patiently talked me through the process. He had an extra challenge because I didn’t need nor want braces on my upper teeth. His creative approach to my specific treatment had my teeth straight within about a month of having the braces put on! I couldn’t believe it! Because my teeth were so crooked my wire kept breaking – Dr. Blake patiently fixed the wire each time and never made me feel bad about it. He’s patient and gentle and extremely knowledgeable and after 9 short months my braces came off and I now have beautiful straight teeth. I love the atmosphere of his office and staff and would highly recommend Dr. Blake!! Signed

Having worked with other Doctors I feel completely confident in saying you are getting excellent quality orthodontic work at Maxfields Orthodontics. Dr. Norm cares a great deal about the quality of his work and the satisfaction of his patients. You are definitely in great hands with Dr Norm. I love being a part of a such a great team!

My career required that I do something about my “o.k.” teeth and take my smile to the next level. I did hours of research, talking to people, and looking at previous work of many top-tier orthodontists. It was very impressive to me to see some of the examples of amazing transformations of smiles of others that Dr. Blake Maxfield had to show. I was also very impressed to learn he was at the top of his class throughout his schooling and training, as well as some high-profile people in Utah had placed their teeth and smile in his hands recently. I decided to choose Dr. Blake, and I couldn’t be happier with the decision I made. He was so efficient, effective, and masterful in making happen what I had only pictured in my mind. Dr. Blake and his staff were so professional and always aware of my comfort level and overall vision for the result I wanted. He totally came though for me. I have so much more confidence because of the work he did for me. I think of him as truly an artist and the best orthodontist around.

This was my second time getting braces and it was to go side by side with a jaw surgery I was having from another doctor. Norm Maxfield worked with my surgeon and planned out a schedule that worked best and together, I can confidently say, have given me a better looking mouth. I still have my braces on and can attest that they reach for a goal higher than the one I could even set myself. Professionalism is displayed every moment by the staff and they are extremely friendly as well. I have found that working with everyone, from those at the desk to the doctors/assistants in the office, has been a pleasure. I would also like to note that working with my schedule isn’t easy to do and they’ve been very understanding and willing to work with me on days when I could not make my appointments. I have found it a joy every time I’ve visited the office and I can’t think of any reason why anyone else wouldn’t feel the same.

So far both of my sons have been to Dr. Norm for braces and jaw expanders. He is wonderful. He has taken great care of both of them, always with a kind hand and caring personality. He is very good at explaining exactly what is going on and what to expect. He also is awesome at catching things that might cause problems later. He notices things that even our dentist doesn’t catch at times. My youngest son was very scared about getting his jaw expander, but Dr. Norm was great and his staff are the best. They even put a little bib on his teddy bear which he clung to in the chair as they worked on him. It is amazing the progress that my older son’s teeth have made over the last 2 years. I know I will probably have my other 2 children needing braces in the future, and I will definitely be taking them to see Dr. Norm at Maxfield Orthodontics. They are the best out there!

Maxfield Orthodontics is a top notch office. The staff is very knowledgeable and thorough. They offer multiple great options for straightening your smile. I recommend them to anyone looking for braces.


Maxfield orthodontics is awesome. For one Dr. Blake Maxfield and his dad are both orthodontists who share different information to help each other do better, and make the company better. For another thing, they are helpful and every time I see them they have a great attitude and help everyone have a good time there.