Maxfield Orthodontics has been creating beautiful smiles in the Salt Lake valley for the past 35 years. While we have had the honor of treating several generations of many families, we are constantly adapting by incorporating the new technologies available to us in the modern Orthodontic industry. Therefore, antiquated practices like headgear are a thing of the past.

With our 2 locations (Taylorsville and Cottonwood Heights) both conveniently located right off I-215, we are easily accessible to anyone living in the Salt Lake valley. We offer treatment for both children and adults, and treat all our patients like members of our own family.

Let us be on your team in creating a winning smile!

Blake J. Maxfield. D.D.S., M.S.D.

Dr. Blake Maxfield grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah, and is a Brighton High graduate. He attended BYU his freshman year and then later received his B.A.


Norman A Maxfield, D.D.S., M.S.

Dr. Norm Maxfield grew up in Salt Lake City and attended the University of Utah. He received his doctorate Degree from Georgetown University

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  • Our new Cottonwood Heights office is on schedule to open this summer. 7167 south Highland Dr. Be sure to look out for it and tell your friends. #maxfieldorthodontics @lloydarchitects
  • Do you know the dangers we face everyday to make our patients retainers? Kate could easily take off a finger or worse, break a nail, but we love our patients so she is happy to take the risk 😜 #braces #retainers # Maxfieldortho
  • Transformation Tuesday. Swipe to see before and after photos. Another underbite corrected with just braces and elastics. #damonbraces #orthodontics #maxfieldorthodontics
  • We love going the extra mile for our patients and that’s why their #maxfieldsmile stands out among the rest! This gum contouring (gingivectomy) is an option for our patients after the braces have been removed! 😁🎉
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#orthodontics #ortho #damonsystembraces #damonsystem #damonbraces #maxfieldorthodontics #lasergingivectomy #spectralaser
  • Check out this Invisalign patient.  Some adults prefer to straighten their teeth without metal braces. We were able to fix this crossbite with just Invisalign. #Invisalign #orthodontics #orthodontist
  • Keeping your teeth clean is especially important during orthodontic treatment. Please don’t make us bring out the giant toothbrush.#teeth #toothbrush #braces
  • We often have people ask us why they see so many younger children in braces theses days. In certain cases doing early treatment ‘phase 1’ can be really beneficial to the patient. If left untreated until all permanent teeth come in, this open bite could get worse with her tongue pushing her teeth apart over the next few years. We started by expanding her narrow upper arch and doing upper and lower braces. No interarch elastics were used in the correction of this open bite. It’s amazing what happens when the upper arch is widened and the tongue has more room. Once her permanent teeth all come in and she’s ready for phase II we can correct her midlines and fine tune but the hard part is already done. #braces #damonbraces #phase1
  • Sometimes people just assume that the only way to fix an underbite is with surgery. Dr Maxfield was able to fix this bite with just an expander and Damon braces. #braces#damonbraces #underbite
  • Sometimes people are missing permanent teeth. We see this pretty often and work closely with the patients dentist to leave space for ‘fake’ replacement teeth. Alex will wear this cool retainer with teeth on it till he is done growing and ready for dental implants. #missingteeth #retainer #orthodontics #braces