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First visit

We are always excited about meeting new patients and want your initial consultation to be an informative yet enjoyable experience.


Please arrive on time so you will have time to fill out information about the patient and provide insurance information if it’s available. We are happy to check your insurance benefits as long as we have all the information needed. Although your initial consultation is free, by checking your insurance benefits we will be able to give you an accurate quote of your costs for orthodontic treatment if you decide to start treatment. Your insurance will not be billed and you will not be expected to pay anything until treatment has begun.


All patients under 18 must have a parent or responsible party with them at this first appointment. We welcome any other family members that will be part of the decision making process or have an interest in the patient’s orthodontic treatment. The more the merrier!

This first visit is scheduled for 60 minutes. First, you will meet with our treatment coordinator who will spend some time getting to know the patient so that we can determine the specific goals of orthodontic treatment that DrMaxfield can address during his exam. Additionally, we offer every patient a complimentary panoramic xray; this really helps DrMaxfield to provide a detailed and thorough treatment plan.


Next, Dr. Maxfield will complete a thorough exam and make notes of all his findings. He will spend time discussing all treatment options and answer any questions you may have.


After Dr. Maxfield and the patient have decided on the best treatment, your treatment coordinator will then explain the process of getting started with treatment. She will be sure that all questions are answered and the patient and family are completely comfortable with the recommended treatment.


You will receive a copy of the exam findings and explanation of the treatment plan, which will also include financial information related to the treatment. You will be given a fee for treatment at this first appointment. Your treatment coordinator will work with you to find a payment plan that fits your needs. We offer in house interest free financing and our patients are usually pleasantly surprised at how affordable monthly payments can be.


We find that once the patient has decided they are ready to start treatment, they want to get started as soon as possible. We’re happy to accommodate those patients and have time in our schedule set aside especially for that type of appointment so that treatment can begin!


Please fill out the new patient forms below using the link provided before you arrive at your first visit. This will help speed up the check-in process.



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