Easy Financing

Our dedicated staff of dental professionals is committed to providing you with excellent orthodontic services and braces at an affordable price.  


You will be happy to know that we offer financing to all of our patients with zero interest. We also offer volume discounts when treating multiple members of your family.


Patients who want to pay for treatment upfront can receive up to 5 percent off on their fee. Feel free to take your time and speak to our friendly representatives to review all options and select a payment method that works for you. 

Payments Accepted

We accept all major credit cards, including American Express, VISA and MasterCard for your convenience.

Orthodontic Insurance

You will pay less out of pocket if your insurance policy covers orthodontics.  Many companies put a lifetime cap on benefits for orthodontic treatment that is separate from other dental insurance coverage.  Every policy is different so you should speak to your insurance agent and let us review your policy to help you choose the right action for your situation.  We will file all insurance claims after beginning treatment for you so everything is smooth and easy.​ We accept most insurances so please ask.


Frequently asked questions

Why is an orthodontic specialist necessary?

Teeth, and from time to time, whole facial structures, are changed permanently by orthodontic treatments. It is very important that the treatments are appropriate for individual patients and completed properly. Orthodontic specialists have gone through specialized and extensive training which enables them to offer their patients personalized and professional treatments.

Will my child require full braces after the Phase One treatment?

Following this type of treatment, it should be assumed that the child will require full braces. The period after Phase One is known as the “resting period,” and during this time, tooth eruption and growth are monitored closely. Throughout this time, patients and parents will be informed about recommendations for future treatment.

Is it a requirement that my orthodontist’s appointment is scheduled by the family dentist?

It is definitely not. A number of patients get referrals from their family dentist; however, a lot of other patients schedule an examination on their own.

What foods will I not be able to eat with my braces?

Once treatment starts, you will be given full instructions and a comprehensive list of the foods to stay away from. Those foods include: hard candy, raw vegetables, ice and sticky foods such as taffy and caramel. You will be able to avoid many emergency appointments to fix damaged or broken devices by following these instructions carefully.

What do I need to do to set up an appointment for my first exam?

In the event that you or a loved one can possibly benefit from an orthodontic treatment, just call our office and a representative will happily schedule your appointment. While you are scheduling your appointment, the front office staff will ask you for some basic information.

What knowledge will I gain from the first exam?

Five essential questions will be covered during the initial exam: Does a problem exist, and if it does, what is it? How can the problem be corrected? Is there a need to remove any teeth? What is the duration of the treatment? What is the cost of the treatment?

What is the duration of the complete treatment?

Obviously, treatment time will depend on the specific orthodontic problem of each patient. Generally speaking, treatment times range between 8 and 18 months.