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If you have always wanted straight teeth without the inconvenience of braces, the Invisalign system may work for you. Schedule a free consultation with our certified orthodontists for more information about Invisalign in Salt Lake City and this revolutionary alignment system.


Schedule your Free Exam today to see if Invisalign is for you!


This system consists of several aligners that are removable and virtually invisible. They do not distract from your smile during use. The trays are produced using computer imaging systems that are accurate and effective. Seven out of ten American orthodontists receive certification to use this treatment method on their patients.

Why it is the Best Choice for Many Patients

Because the trays are removable, users can drink any beverage and eat their favorite foods whenever they want. Dental hygiene is easy because individuals can brush and floss using traditional methods. The trays contain no metal that can cause abrasions of the gums and tongue. Patients do not need to visit the orthodontic office as often because there are no wires to adjust. Patients can review their treatment and get a good idea of what their teeth will look like when it is complete.

How it Works

You will wear your aligners for two weeks at a time and remove them to floss, brush, drink and eat. Every two weeks, your orthodontist will supply a new set of aligners to guide the teeth into a different position until they are straight. You will need to make an appointment every six weeks for the orthodontist to monitor progress and ensure the teeth are moving in the right direction. Total time for treatment varies according to patient, but the average treatment time is between nine and fifteen months with most patients needing from 18 to 30 aligners to get the results you want.

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