Retainer Care

  • Guidelines

    • Your retainer is to be worn every night in order to keep your teeth straight.

    • Retainers are expensive to replace so you need to take extra special care of them.

    • Always put your retainer in the case we provide when they are not in your mouth. Do not put the retainer in your pocket without its case. Do not wrap the retainer in a paper towel or it may be accidentally be thrown away.

    • Retainers are made out of plastic. Keep them away from extreme temperatures. Do not use hot water. Do not leave them in a hot car or near any source of heat.

    • Keep your retainer away from pets. Cats and dogs love to chew on them.

    • Keep your retainer clean and fresh. Brush your retainer with your toothbrush once a day to remove plaque and eliminate odors. Efferdent or other dental appliance cleaners can also be used but do not take the place of brushing.

    • Do not eat or drink anything besides water while wearing your retainer.

    • Always bring your retainer to your orthodontic appointments.

    • If your retainer is lost or broken call us as soon as possible. Your teeth may move and the fee to replace the retainer may be more if we need to move your teeth back to their correct position.

    • Retainer wear is a lifetime commitment. Your teeth will be straight as long as you wear your retainer as directed. Deciding not to wear your retainer could result in the need to place braces back on your teeth.

    • Retainer replacement can be expensive but with proper care they will last for years.

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